3D Figurines

1. What material are the figurines made of?

A: Full-color sandstone. The figurine is made by printing the gypsum-based powder with colored ink, layer by layer. After printing, a thin coating of protective glue is applied on the outer surface to ensure durability.

2. Are the figurines fragile?

A: Generally sustainable but require extra care. The figurines, especially their thin parts can break if they fall. It should be kept away from water, direct sunlight and high temperatures which may cause color fading.

3D Photography

1. What is 3D Photography?

A: 3D photograph is accomplished with our multi-camera matrix system to capture the images of you from 360-degree.

2. How long does it take?

A: Although each shot takes less than one second, a 15-minute session is scheduled for each customer to ensure you can take multiple shots and choose your favorites.

3. What about if my pet doesn’t like standing still?

A: No one needs to stand still for our photo shoot. It is as fast as taking a picture so even fast motion can be captured.

4. Can I send you a picture to make the figurine?

A: No. Each stunningly delicate figurine heavily rely on elaborate details from our 360 multi-camera matrix, so you have to visit our studio in person.

5. What if I want this to be a surprise gift?

A: You can purchase our gift cards and invite your loved ones to our studio. It is fun! Another popular idea is to secretly bring their dog or cat to our studio and create a miniature of their furry little friend.

Ordering and Delivery

1. How long does it take to make my figurine?

A: After your photo session, it usually takes 2-3 weeks for your figurines to be ready for pick-up or shipment.

2. Do you offer expedite services?

A: Depends on if it is busy season or not. Please contact us for more details.

3. Can I order additional copies of my figurine?

A: Yes. You can order reprints at a discount price. Please email us the order information and we’ll get it ready for you.