Let's get started

There are 5 easy steps to create
your own figurine

Step 1- Booking

Schedule your own 3D Photography session with us

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Step 2 – 3D Photography

Visit our studio to take your 3D photos

  • Similar to traditional photography while our custom-engineered 3D photography rig uses nearly 100 DSLR camera instead to capture moments in its revolutionary way

  • High quality 3D model captured within 0.01 second - no need to stand still, easy for babies and pets

  • Shoot many, select the favorites

Step 3 - Choose a Scale

Choose from 8 different scales to make

  • The larger the scale, the more detail your figurine can display

  • We have demo figurines of all different scales displayed at our studio to help you determine your preferred scale

  • Make everyone in your family the same scale to make them look proportional as they are in the real world

Step 4 – 3D Printing

We carefully craft every single figurine

  • By using the world's most advanced full color 3D printing technology, we make sure every figurine turns out as lifelike as possible

Step 5 - Delivery

Perfected figurine shipped to your front door in 2-3 weeks